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Tape Hair Extensions Specialists

Wig Toppers 

Alopecia ~ Trichotillomania ~ Thinning Hair  

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions

Hair Salon 


PREMIUM Remy Human Hair Extensions

24" Long Tape Hair Extensions 

Premium Double Drawn Remy Human Hair

Can last up to 2 years when cared for and maintained.

20" Long Tape Hair Extensions

Double Drawn Remy Human Hair 

Can last 6 months or more when cared for and maintained.

We guarantee our hair when maintained and coloured by us.

AHE Prospect recommends Tape Extensions is the most gentle application of

all application techniques in the market ensuring

NO Damage


to apply or remove our extensions

We use a special formulation of

Tape Removal Spray is formulated by us and does not contain Acetone or strong solvents

The AHE Tape Extensions are completely

undetecable and seamless tape hair

extension system your hair can be worn up in

pony tail or styled and curled any way you

want to style your hair

There are many ways in which to use our fine

line range

Each piece weighs approximately 2.5g

More Than 30 Colours In Stock

We guarantee our Hair and our Work


Balyage / Root Fade / Ombre



Colour Transformations

Colour Corrections

Our Services are Perfect for Total

Transformations / Makeover


Make Over

Fix Bad Hair Cut

Tired of trying to grow your hair

Add Volume

Add Length 

High Lights / Low Lights without colouring your hair

Hair Loss

Post Chemotherapy




We are Adelaide's Premium Salon we have

been installing Hair Extensions for many

years our salon is highly acclaimed in

the hair industry

Imagine being able to come to the salon and

have your extensions installed on the same

day we can apply apply a full head of hair

extensions in under one hour

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Balyage / Root Fade Tape Hair Extensions 

ALL HAIR IS KEPT IN STOCK - Same Day Installs Available

Root Fade / Balyage Tape Hair

Special Order 

Our Hair Extension method uses the best

quality tape on the market and it is most

unusual for any to fall out

They will last up to 8 weeks before requiring

removal and retape ready to reinstall

We do not use heat to apply

There is No glue melted onto the hair,

making them a gentle alternative

to other hair extension methods.

 The Long Lasting and durable tape we use 

will last at least 8 weeks before needing to

be retaped.

If you do have any fall out within 2 weeks of installation call us immediately it shouldnt happen 

If you are having a problem with your hair Please again call us immediately  

Tape Extensions are applied by attaching 

one strip (tape) to either side of the natural hair and pressed together. 

They are lightweight and sit completely flat to the head making them undetectable even in the finest hair types. 

PRICES are available please call and book

 a Free Consult and our highly qualified 

team will answer all your questions and give you an accurate quote

We cannot quote without actually seeing your hair

A Full head is (40 pieces = 20 sandwiches or doubles) 

However you dont need to buy a whole bag

of hair you can have as many pieces or

colours as you want or need because we keep

all our hair in stock 

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Micro Bead Hair Extensions, also known as

itips, microlinks, microring and individual

strands that we apply using a


(Silicone Lined Beads)

prevent damage to the hair

Unlike the COPPER TUBES or


that dont have the Silicone Lining in the

Bead, they will cut the hair off.

Our staff have been doing this system for many years

and was a preferred technique than the

highly damaging hot and cold fusion and

beaded or sewn in wefts

That were around at that time

Our staff have been trained to specifically

apply these beads, and it is an art that

requires precision and patience

Mirobead v tape hair extensions halo hair clip in hair extensions clip in pony tails

We still offer this system in our salon and each our strands weigh around

1.2 g per strand

  • Micro Bead Hair Extensions must be installed by a trained professional, not by watching a tutorial 

When incorrectly installed and the incorrect beading is used there is a very high chance of significant damage being done to your hair  

The detail and precision required needs to be taught and it is almost impossible to get the best effect if you have not been trained properly  

Are Micro Beads safe for your hair?

Yes, they’re safe when installed properly by trained stylists we ensure that everything we give our clients is safe and always ethically sourced.

Like anything you invest in, there is a responsibility to look after your Micro Bead Hair Extensions.

Ensure you get them applied by a professional who understands your hair and the process

They MUST to be maintained or moved up EVERY 8 WEEKS

This means fully removed and reinstalled using a new bead


Brush your hair daily using the brush we recommend safe and always check for tangles 

A standard Full Head is 100 x 1.2 g strands

and again as we keep all our hair in stock you

can have as many colours as you want or need

to match your existing hair colour

Micro Beads are suitable for thicker and

more curly strong hair types and are

definately not suitable for finer and thinner

hair types please ask us for more

information at your free consultation 

Clip In's 

220 g 22" Long Russian Remy Human Hair Double Drawn Wefts In Stock 

Halo Hair Extensions

24" Long Russian Remy Human Hair Wefts In Stock 

Wigs & Human Hair Pieces

Are you experiencing Hair Loss 

Alopecia,  Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Ariata, Female Pattern Balding, Trichotillomania 

Hair Loss due to a Medical conditions:

 Thyroid disease, Lupus, Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, Eating Disorder Anemia.  Most times when there is a underlying condition it can be treated the hair will return unless there is scarring as in some cases of Lupus, lichen or follicular disorders and many other conditions related to hair loss 




Our Custom Fitted Permanent Hair Topper 

You can Swim,  Exercise,  Shower & Wash your Hair

There is nothing can stop you 

No more worry about being hot and bothered

No more stress of what if my wig it blows off 

It will change your life  and at a fraction of the cost that other salons are charging 

Yes under $ 600 in most cases 

Colour Matched perfectly to your hair 

Call the salon and talk to the experts 

Many Available  and in stock we also offer 

Special Custom Orders